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An asshole

January 2015



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Jan. 28th, 2015

An asshole

La respiration de Copernic - Nakamura Asumiko

My encounter to Asumiko Nakamura's works was fortuitous. In those days I was tired of reading stories about magical girls and romance of high school couples or the eternal mangas, i just wanted a well written story. In my search for new stories I found a title that caught my attention: Coponicus no kokyuu (Copernicus breathing in english), a two volumes story and although at first it seemed really strange for me i found the style similar to the famous English illustrator Aubrey Beardsley.

Covers for volume 1 and 2

It is not the cute shoujo manga or the gorgeous yaoi story, it is just a simple drawing charged with drama but as the story runs, you undertand the intention of the author and learn to love the characters and their designs.
The story centers around a Parisian circus where reality and fantasy merge for the audience and the people who work inside the tents. Nakamura Asumiko shows us the other side of the coin, not the entertainment and joyful scenes but the drama of those who dedicate their lives to this type of show in a story with supernatural tints.

4 aubrey-beardsley-the-climax-1894-copy
Coponicus no kokyuu (left) versus Aubrey Beardsley illustration for Wilde's Salomé (right)

The author features angst characters persecuted by the ghosts of their past, where prostitution, violence, sexual abuse, suicide, incest and wicked passions that expose the dark side of human nature. Inside the tent, in that grim place, dreams of freedom and independence coexist for every artist despite the adversity. Every character wants a better life and desire to be happy no matter the price they have to pay for it.
The main character, Bird's Nest is a clown who wants to escape from that world to be free but no matter how far he escapes, he can run but he cannot hide from his true destiny despite the despair in his life. Coponicus no kokyuu is a magnificent story that deserves more attention from the readers.

Bird's Nest

The author, Nakamura Asumiko is an extraordinary story-teller but if you are too sensitive, probably Coponicus no kokyuu is not for you, at least not for the first contact with the mangaka. You can try other works from her like Doukyouusei, J no subete, Double mints, and then give a chance to Bird's Nest story. You won't regret it.
It is not my intention to reveal the plot, you have to discover the secrets Coponicus no Kokyuu has for yourself.

May. 11th, 2009

An asshole

Querida f-list

Bien, después de mucho meditarlo...
Querida y amada F-list...te digo adiós xDDD~~
Ya antes había eliminado a personas que nunca decían nada y a las que yo nunca dije nada y éste es el segundo corte del tipo porque me he dado cuenta de que este journal ya es "demasiado" personal y hay cosas que la verdad no me interesa que las personas conozcan, al menos no las que yo crea que deben hacerlo.
Mi vida no es la más divertida asi que...pues seguro es que a muchos no les interesa leerla y a mí no me interesa que la conozcan...
Además, hay personas que ya no se pasean por estos rumbos y...creo que es innecesario tener gente invisible en la f-list u___u
No es nada personal pero de verdad quiero solo tener a las personas que, al menos una vez en su vida, se dignan a leer mis tonterías y mis depresiones, si no para qué tengo f-list? D:
Si conservo a algunas personas y éstas ya no desean tenerme más en su f-list, por mí con gusto que me borren, no hay rencores xDDD~~~
Además, mi f-list también está llena de mis mil millones de comunidades (quiero estar enterada de los chismes xD) así que muchas veces no me percato de si alguno de mis "amigos" postea algo, así que no se me hace equitativo xD~
Así las cosas... ;D

Nada personal... :D

Jul. 2nd, 2008

An asshole



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